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My approach

is tailored because

each person's 

life experiences and

their responses

to a problem are unique

Style of Counselling & Therapy


Wendy Schuster provides short or long term counselling and therapy online for adults. She works collaboratively with clients to create a safe space to explore and address their issues. She listens in a non-judgemental way, with empathy, understanding, and confidentiality. Wendy uses the therapeutic relationship as the focus for treatment.


Wendy’s therapeutic approach is based on IPT.

Interpersonal Process Therapy includes:

· Interpersonal-Psychodynamic,

· Cognitive-Behavioural,

· Family Systems,

· and Attachment Theories.


She integrates her approach with EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy focuses on the process of interpersonal patterns and the attachment bond). Wendy also draws from a range of other therapies to suit the individual such as ACT, TA, Gestalt, Body Awareness, Narrative Therapy, and the use of Written /Art Expression.






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